Unlock bios password for Panasonic Laptop

Let's note

Panasonic Laptop Computer BIOS Password
Reset / Unlock / Clean

Price 30 US Dollars / 1 BIN file

How to request

1:Extract the data (BIN file) from the BIOS chip.
Only BIN file will be accepted.
2:Click the Upload button to upload the BIN file. If you have more than one bin file, please compress it.

The recipient's email is info@kenken-rescue.jp

3:We will send you an email for credit card payment within 24 hours after you upload your file.
4:Within 48 hours after payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with the download site address of the unlocked BIN file.
 However, the email sending process will not be performed between 11:00 PM and 9:00 AM Japan time.
5: After downloading, write the file to your BIOS chip and mount it on your motherboard. Please remove the AC adapter, battery and C-MOS battery when mounting.
6: When you connect the AC adapter to your PC, the power will turn on automatically. When you see the [Panasonic] logo, press F2; when the BIOS boots, F9-> Y -> F10 -> reboot.
7: When the PC boots, F2 -> Connect the C-MOS battery -> Set the date, time, and other settings.
It is not 100% unlockable.
If you are unable to unlock the file, you will receive a full refund.


I am running a computer repair business in Japan.
The URL of the website in Japan is
However, it is in Japanese only.
My main job is unlocking BIOS passwords.
I have a lot of experience in Japan.
Please feel free to contact me.